I help you ditch self doubt and unleash your inner leader. So you can be happier, earn more and accelerate your career growth.

And the most effective and guaranteed way to become happier, earn more and boost your career:

Is to stop sabotaging yourself.


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I see you and I know what you're capable of. You are dedicated, driven and you want to achieve the extraordinary in both your career and your life.


You're already a technical expert in your field and your organisation would probably be lost without you but further growth feels difficult.

You know theres a next level to your potential and you're ready go there but suffer from serious doubt that you could make your vision a reality.

Managing your emotions and mindset feels like a real struggle sometimes and you know you must master yourself so you can perform at a higher level.

It feels like there are other areas of your life that seem to get in the way of you reaching your highest potential.

You already understand that if you could just get out of your own way, you could create everything you've ever wanted.

You have the biggest heart and you are ready to make change happen if you could just stop wasting time on the misery-merry-go-round inside your head.


The world needs more great leaders.
And the best leaders have
unmatched self-awareness. 

Ok... but what they heck does that mean??

It means you can adapt to any situation and master your emotions so that you thrive no matter what life throws at you.


It means your colleagues will always perceive an aura of confidence from you.


It means your boss knows you bring certainty to any situation.


That is the true essence of leadership. Imagine going on this transformation and realising who you were born to be. 

Its already inside of you and I will help you unleash your inner leader and leave your mark on the world.

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Let me be honest with you - the world today isnt in the best shape that it could be - and you play a part in that.

If you reflect on the last couple of hundred years, the vast majority of leaders everywhere have been mediocre, at best. Thats why only a select few stand out, are idolised and seen as real leaders. 

But heres what I have noticed, there are amazing people in the world like you who deserve a shot at leading.


You have your technical skills nailed down but you want more job satisfaction, more earning power and to grow into a respected leader. BUT the circumstances of your life and work means that you cant find a place to stand out, to be seen as a strong leader or drive amazing results.

And no matter how clever you think you are, you just can't seem to get a grip of your own mind or master your emotions. 


You know whats standing in the way of the results you want: YOUI fully get it and I know how hard it feels to be in this place. The rest of your life and your legacy depends on making a change.

If this sounds like you then read on.

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Hey, I'm Sarah Saxon.

I'm a Leadership Coach with over 15 years industry experience. I show you how to ditch the self-sabotage and unleash your inner leader to achieve increased happiness, earning power and hit your career goals.

I do this using my signature coaching methodology so we can backslap your inner critic, get you off the misery-merry-go-round inside your head and tap into your authentic leadership energy.


I will help you strengthen your vision, help you work towards your life purpose and stop you form getting in your own way ever again.

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