I am obsessed with leadership behaviour and what it takes to confidently stand out.


After a couple years of exploring and trying different approaches to managing my brain and building my confidence to pursue my dreams,

I finally realised exactly what it took to LEAD myself towards my highest potential.

I set out to qualify as a professional life coach (ICF ACC) and a leadership expert (MCIPD) and created my signature coaching methodology. Its the perfect formula for people just like you.


This obsession means I want to build amazing leaders who do good in the world. I know the impact I want to have on the world and I lead myself to pursue it, but wasn't always like that.

A Few Years Back...

I used to have a cool well paid corporate job helping leaders transform their businesses but I knew deep down there was something more I was being called to do away from my comfortable job.

But as life would have it, I was being called to find the confidence to disrupt my life in the MIDST of an absolute shit storm:

I had post natal depression, my personal life was falling apart, my vision was scattered, my emotions were all over the place and my brain was focused on how rubbish I was. No one was holding my hand to help me fix it.

If I wanted to turn my life and career around, I would have to learn how to lead myself first and put an end to my self sabotage.

I've been where you are...

I know creating significant life changes can feel like climbing Mount Everest when all your brain wants to do is sabotage your every move. When your brain is in sabotage mode you can't lead yourself nevermind others.

I know that when you are surrounded by crap leadership in your job, it can make you doubt your own self worth and you begin to shelve those dream you had.

It's true that when you are being called to do your highest work and reach your highest potential, this calling appears in those moments when you think its impossible to put any more on your plate.

But a beautiful process of transformation exists and its waiting for you inside of my program.


Then it all finally changed

Good people like you shouldn't have to wait for an earth shattering event in order to change your world.

This opportunity should be available to you right now. And if you find the confidence and self belief to change your world, you can change the world around you too and be a force for good.

Its time for you to disrupt your status quo.


You Still Scrolling? Ok, Good.

Keyboard and Mouse

Here is what you can expect of me as your coach:

Expert Resources + Free Stuff!

Some of the best tools, models, insightful blogs and loads of little life changes videos on my Instagram. Stuff you can always come back to long after you have finished coaching.

A True Partnership

If I think you have potential and true game changing leadership capability,  I'll make you an offer to join my signature coaching programme. We will work together to create your incredible transformation.


When you sign up, you get me. A full time accountability partner, always on call, ready to get in your corner and coach you through the toughest transformation of your life. And I'll make it feel easy and natural.

A Life Sentence (a good one tho!)

You also get me for life, it appears. Most of my clients are regularly in touch and I love following their incredible progress. I will be your cheerleader forever.


Check Out What My Clients Said

My clients are at the stage of their life and career that they truly know its NOT the amount of money in your bank account that makes you happy. Finding purpose, showing up as the best version of yourself and taking your career and vision to the next level will bring you the greatest satisfaction.


You could have this too:

As an OD expert and Leadership Coach, Sarah is gifted at helping the team to think outside of the box and keeps your managers moving consistently in the direction your business needs to be going. I have seen huge changes in the team and we are on track now.

Ali, Deputy Director, Muscat

Your coaching is helping me to clear some mental barrier which I have unknowingly created for myself. It is replacing my super consciousness towards my weaknesses to make positive steps to overcome the weaknesses without any complexity.

Furthermore, I feel a positive shift in my attitude towards people, and I am more focused on my priorities.

Bhawani, Corporate QC, Muscat

Sarah has been amazing at sharing her coaching skills and content with the group. She is so passionate about what she does and I always leave the sessions with major take aways to improve my life and business.

Lorna, Business Owner, Glasgow

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