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A 6 Month transformational coaching program
to help ambitious professionals unlock their inner leader,
increase their happiness,
earn more and change the world.

Theres only ONE thing stopping you from achieving your highest potential.
​No, its not YOU. Its your BRAINS drama.
And thanks to your brain drama, you probably think its impossible to:

  • Feel completely fulfilled in your role.

  • Put yourself 'out there'.

  • Get that promotion that you deserve.

  • Be awarded that big pay rise.

  • Stand out head and shoulders above your colleagues.

  • Be regarded as a strong confident leader.

  • Stop people pleasing and feel good about it.


But thats where my coaching comes in! You can have everything you want and deserve at a faster transformational pace than anything you have tried before. You don't need to waste anymore time.

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Are you ready to build your leadership brain?

Ive spent 15 years working and leading tough business transformation projects in the Middle East.


I have seen first hand what it takes to be a happy, high earning confident leader who is loved and admired and creates powerful positive change for their people.  


More often than not, I've  seen the opposite of that.


Ive coached and trained people to understand that a leaders mindset is a powerful component in success, confident influence and creating a high performing team. 

Ive worked out the mechanics of the best leadership mindset so that you can stop being emotionally 'all over the place' and find calm, confidence and certainty to stand out and achieve your career + life ambitions.

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Real Leaders know that self-investment is essential to success.

But investing in yourself isn't easy.

When you are already struggling with a lack of confidence and your inner critic is telling you "you'll never achieve it", investing in yourself will seem like a waste of time and money.

You're brain will convince you to keep slugging away at the same old approach and maybe one day it will all pay off. Right?

Wrong. That Misery-merry-go-round in your head is the biggest waste of time and money and you can choose to get off right now.

You already know how capable you are.

Imagine investing in yourself and realising from the very first conversation that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.



You are a senior professional in your organisation and you've had leadership training before but it didn't create a big shift in how you feel about yourself.


You could try this alone but you know the investment and support will help you to stop wasting time and will get you where you want to be much faster!

You are sick and tired of being on the constant merry-go-round of negative thinking. You want a deeper sense of happiness and purpose in your role
and you are ready to take massive action to change you life.


You want a leadership expert by your side to support you as you level up, accessible to you whenever you need me
and you want tangible tools and techniques that will last forever.


Heres why one on one coaching will change everything:

We will create that powerful ingredient that all successful leaders have - SELF AWARENESS.

Deep self awareness is the key to unlocking your inner leader and silencing your inner critic. It shapes your chaotic life into something thats organised and strategic.

It gives you the power to show up in a way that people notice is wildly different and it helps you command respect.

This intimate experience helps you to become aware of everything standing in your way and captures your blind spots so that goals are achieved faster and with ease.

In this program we spend time exploring exactly who you are and we define you inner leader and breathe life into it - forever.


Are you ready for powerful transformation?

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1:1 Coaching

My 6 Month Signature Program for ambitious professionals who are ready to elevate their confidence and leadership capability.


Group Coaching

A 3 month mastermind which follows the same principles as the 1:1 program with the added benefit of being in a group of ambitious like minded people.


I felt pretty happy with my life generally, but felt very trapped and ‘stuck in a rut’ in my career. I am a very successful professional in my industry and achieved some impressive goals, but I still felt there was something missing. 

Taking me through a whole self-realisation journey, Sarah has categorically changed my life. I realise now that I wasn’t comfortable with who I was and did not have any self-worth or confidence in myself. With some wonderful encouragement and simple, easily achievable tasks, I have changed my way of thinking and am growing in self-love and confidence every day. This feels totally amazing and has shifted my mindset towards my career, relationships and purpose.

Jess, Associate Director.


My Signature Coaching Program

Unstuck, Unf*cked,  Unleashed.

6 Months is all it takes to obtain a complete transformation.

The Unstuck, Unf*cked, Unleashed is a straight talking, no BS approach to kicking your inner critics ass and unleashing your inner leader.

The program is a confidential space where you can expose whats really holding you back without any fear of judgement. You'll get exceptional support and unlimited access to me throughout your entire transformational journey.

You and I will define exactly what your dream career and life look like. We will set solid goals and I will coach you to take action with ease.

How will your future self thank you for taking decisive action now?

Sarah Saxon Coaching

You Receive:

A 1 Hour strategy call to tailor your coaching plan.

A 6 Hour Kick-Off Session to immerse yourself in the transformation.


12 x 1 Hour transformational coaching sessions via zoom.


24/7 access to me to support to take action as your progress on your transformation.

A Tailored DISC or HOGAN Leadership Assessment.

A personalised Trello board with your unique action plan, session recordings, tools and resources.


Sarah has been my biggest strength on taking one of the most difficult decisions of my life. She has helped me tremendously to believe in myself. Today I am a more confident and brave person. Sarah has helped me to find my light and I will forever be grateful to her.

Dhanya, Photographer, NY.


OK, Heres What We Do:

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Phase 1 - Get Unstuck from the brain drama that doesn't serve you:

From our very first kick off session we are complete a series of exercises to set an unwavering vision for the future and give you full control back of how you show up in your life and career. We do this by exposing the cycle of self sabotage and get you off of the misery-merry-go-round in your head. This means that from the very first calls, your self doubt will start to disappear and your self belief that you can really do this, will start to emerge. And you will start taking massive life changing action.


Phase 2 - Figure out all the BS thats been holding you back:

In this phase we focus on removing all of your mental bullshit so that you are able to start acting and behaving like a calm and confident leader. We complete tailored exercises that will show you how you have really been behaving and learn all the ways it has been holding you back. Once you learn this and see this you will never take a step back again. This is also going to be a huge learning opportunity to take away and use on your own team.


Phase 3 - Unleash your inner leader and build systems for a lifetime of success:

This is where the magic happens. We will continue to tailor the best success systems around your goals and create unshakable mental resilience and powerful leadership presence for life so that you always show up calm and confident, bringing certainty to any situation, allowing your technical expertise and people skills shine through.

My marriage and family relationships have improved massively. I feel free to make choices that feel good and I have built strong working relationships with colleagues. There is a huge contrast from where I believed I was/ was going to be back in March and everything feels positive.

Tom, Law partner, London.