Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Sarah is an experienced leadership coach who has an extensive background of helping professionals and leaders to manage business change and transformation projects.

Before making the move to coaching 3 years ago, Sarah was a seasoned HR professional with over 12 years’ experience of managing HR and change management projects spread across the UK, Qatar and Oman in multicultural environments.

Sarah is passionate about leadership development, leadership awareness, innovative transformation and especially the neuroscience of leadership to bring her philosophies full circle. She has a proven track record of partnering with professionals and leaders and supporting them to do the deep inner work which ensures that their vision comes to life.

Since picking up the reigns of coaching, Sarah has embarked on a consistent journey of growth within the fields of neuroscience, coaching, organization development and leadership behaviour, which makes her suitably placed to support people who are experiencing change, be it in business or personal.

Sarah has certifications in:

  • Accredited Certified Coach (ICF)

  • Hogan Personality Assessments

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (Assoc. CIPD)

  • Prince2

  • ITIL

  • Lean Sigma

“The most powerful leadership tool you have, is your own personal example”

John Wooden


To create the best leaders in the world.


To use coaching to become the best force for good in this world by becoming globally recognised in helping professionals and leaders to become the best versions of themselves for the benefit of their country, their organisation, their people, their families and most importantly the environment.


Freedom - I value the power to have freedom over one's own mind and own choices in order to live the most fulfilling life possible.

Wisdom - I believe in the endless but comfortable pursuit of learning and knowledge so that we may grow ourselves and support everyone around us.

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