• Sarah Saxon

My Most Profound Lesson of 2020

Last year I had a huge breakthrough that was life changing...⁠

I got coached and seen something I had never seen before and at a profoundly deep level.⁠

❌ The way I was taking action towards all my goals was saturated in bad energy ❌⁠

When it came to hitting goals:⁠

- My train of thought was rooted in disbelief, "theres no way I can achieve this", "this success is for other people".⁠

- I would feel discouraged and worthless.⁠

- Then I would distract myself with things that didn't help me or my business.⁠

- The result? Success was a long way away.⁠

Every ounce of my energy that I was directing towards my goals was negative:⁠

😑 Disbelief⁠

😑 Distraction⁠

😑 Unworthy⁠

😑 Insufficient⁠

Take it from me 👆🏼 spending time here mentally and emotionally is just wasting time. And you wont see big results.⁠

You know you would rather spend the next 20 years feeling fulfilled, confident and showing your loved ones how much you are really capable of.⁠

Instead you feel stuck, defeated, and confused.⁠

This isn't your fault. You weren't taught mind management.⁠

You were taught to educate yourself and get a good career. ⁠

But past behaviours that created success dont work now. You need something else. Something you haven't tried before.⁠

Since creating this new awareness for myself, EVERYTHING has shifted:⁠

✅ I have had more business in the last 10 months than I have had in the past 4 years.⁠

✅ I have a constant stream of inspiring ideas⁠

✅ I feel good and am proud of myself for about everything I do in my business even during the difficult times.⁠

What would your life look like if you were able to finally assess your mind and energy and make significant improvements? ⁠

How much time would you save? Who would you become for the people around you?⁠

🗣️ Send me a DM to share your thoughts on this - what came up for you?⁠

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